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Flash Decompiler Trillix is a great SWF editing tool for flash experts
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Flash Decompiler Trillix is a Flash file converter and editing tool created by Eltima software. This program can extract all the elements of a compiled SWF file, including code, images, and text, allowing you to edit it so that you can change anything in the file.

The main interface looks very crowded, but if you are used to developing environments or IDEs, then this will not boggle you too much. This is because the main layout is composed of different elements, such as a file browser, a class and element browser, and, of course, the main edition window, and the playback controls.

Although Flash Decompiler is aimed mostly at movies, any SWF file can be decompiled, edited, and analyzed. You can easily make editing changes to the file and run the movie to preview the results, and you will not need to decompile the Flash file to do all that. Alternatively, you can extract any of its elements (video, audio, and images) and save them in different formats.

Although the application does include a Quick video to teach you the basics, this is still aimed at experienced Flash users. Overall this is a great tool that stands up well against its competitors.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Large amount of options
  • Decompiling is quick and easy
  • Exporting is very stable


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