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Flash Decompiler Trillix 5.3

Convert Flash projectors and SWF to FLA editable files
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Flash Decompiler Trillix can generate an FLA file from an SWF. Since FLA is the format in which the source code of a Flash file is stored, this will allow you to modify a compiled SWF file, even when the original code is no longer available. This comes in especially handy when you are working on a project and lose the corresponding files but you still have the resulting SWF.

The program has a modern straightforward tabbed interface. However, working with the tool surely requires some specialized knowledge. Most of the interface area is occupied by the workspace, in which the SWF is shown. The ribbon has five tabs that correspond to the main tasks you can use the program for Manage, Extract, Convert, Edit and Search. There is also a panel on the left that displays the elements that make up the SWF file, organized in a tree structure according to their types.

The program supports decompiling not only SWF but also projector files (EXE). In addition, it supports extracting such assets as images, morphs, shapes, texts, fonts, sounds, buttons, videos, sprites, frames and scripts. Multiple file types are supported for each type of the assets mentioned. For example, you can save images as PNG, JPEG, and BMP. Likewise, video can be exported to AVI, MPG, and FLV.

Luckily, when an SWF file or a projector is converted back to FLA, the decompiler can create a directory structure to save the files. So, it is easy to have a Flash project fully reconstructed. Moreover, the component assets can be edited by changing their properties. This way, you can update contents, for instance, a date or a price within a static text object. Likewise, it is possible to change colors. However, other more radical changes need to be done with Flash. Finally, there is also a search function to look for given strings within the ActionScript code, but, regrettably, this feature cannot be used without previous registration of the product.

All in all, Flash Decompiler is a powerful Flash decompiling tool that works perfectly regardless the Flash version the SFW was created with. What is more, it allows working in a batch mode, which lets you convert a long list of files without much effort. Unluckily, this product is not what I would call inexpensive and its trial version has some limitations as to the number of objects of each type exported. On top of that, it cannot export any ActionScript code and the resulting video will be in black and white only.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports both SWF and EXE Flash files
  • Powerful decompiling
  • Supports batch processing
  • Compatible with all Flash versions
  • Supports exporting the constituent assets to various formats
  • Allows basic editing


  • Somewhat pricey
  • Trial version with many limitations
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